Nigel Meeking

Nigel Meeking

Whilst driving my RIB back from the Bournemouth Airshow one year in slightly rough weather, I remember being amazed and impressed as this sleek and incredibly beautiful 43ft Hunton powered past me in an effortless manner. It was at that point I set my heart on owning a Hunton XRS 43.

I contacted Martin some years ago and although initially I was on a fact finding (time wasting) quest, as I didn’t really have the money, Martin could not have been more helpful.

He took me and my family out on a demo and has now helped me this year to complete the purchase of my own Hunton XRS43, including return shipping from Norway and vetting all of the customs paperwork.

Martin extends his own job description to make sure that he helps fill in all the gaps to enables making such a major purchase effortless and enjoyable.

I have dealt with some brokerage services over the years that are no better than second hand car salesmen, but Martin really is offering a five-star service and I congratulate him on being at the top of his game.

If you are thinking of buying a boat, get Martin to help you.