Hunton Powerboat running in open water

About Us

My dream was to own a Hunton Powerboat. For years I had followed Jeff Hunton’s designs and racing successes.

I had owned a variety of ski boats from 12 to 18 feet but owning a Hunton Powerboat was my big ambition.

The first time I met Jeff Hunton was at the 1985 Southampton Boat Show where Hunton Powerboats were exhibiting their RS28 with a pair of 260hp V8 Mercruisers. I stood a few paces back from the boat drooling and hoping one day I could own such a beautiful and fast powerboat.

Come on board Jeff Hunton said.
No I replied, thank you but this boat is way out of my league and I don’t want to waste your time.
This is why we are here Jeff said, come and take a look.
Well my conscience was clear; he knew I wasn’t in the market, just a dreamer, so I eagerly jumped onboard.

It was love at first sight, (the boat not Mr Hunton) everything and more I had imagined her to be. I think Jeff Hunton enjoyed my enthusiasm because before I knew it he offered to take me for a blast, yes there and then!!!!!

What can I say, heading towards the Southampton Dock wall at 60mph then taking a full lock turn at the last minute meant one thing, one day I had to own one of these awesome machines.

The rest as they say is now history, in 1987 I managed to buy myself an ex race Hunton 28 called ABBI and my Hunton journey began.
By 2003 I had owned the Hunton RS28, Hunton Maverick 34, and two Hunton RS43’s travelling thousands of nautical miles. During this time I got to know the Hunton Powerboat Team very well.

In 2004 I grabbed an amazing opportunity and started Hunton Powerboat Sales which was responsible for selling Hunton Powerboats direct from the factory worldwide. We introduced the Hunton XRS37, two new RIB models and the exciting XRS43, as well as being chosen to build three boats for the film “Sahara”

In 2011 Hunton Powerboat Sales became Martin Payne Marine where I continue to share my knowledge and passion to a new generation of aspiring Hunton Powerboat Owners.
I hope this site helps you achieve your dreams just as Jeff Hunton did for me back in 1985.

Martin Payne