Nigel Meek

Nigel Meek

It is with pleasure that I write a brief testimonial for Martin Payne following my most recent acquisition of a 2012 Hunton XRS43.

After some 18 months of looking out for one of these rare boats I had the good fortune to be introduced to Martin under the premise that he was the absolute “go to” for all things Hunton.

It became clear that to purchase one of these boats it is clearly necessary to “prise” the boats off of existing owners as they don’t like giving them up!

To this end Martin’s database of people where he has tracked these boats for some years proved invaluable!

Fortunately for me Martin brokered a deal for me to buy a boat in Monaco. It was a difficult purchase not least as the owner understandably fluctuated from time to time on whether it really was time to let the boat go. Martin kept calm, patient and professional whilst those around him lost faith (me), and his tenacity paid off.

The boat is now with me in the UK undergoing a complete refit to bring it back to new condition.

I would thoroughly recommend Martin to anyone looking to source a specific boat.


N. A. Meek
Highwood Group Ltd